Rovira Export sodas, the #1 Puerto Rican crackers, are the perfect snack for your dieting needs. They give you the crunchy fix you crave without the guilt. Why? Because they have no sugar, no trans-fat, no preservatives and are low in sodium and calories. You can help reduce your midday cravings with soda crackers, especially Rovira Export Sodas Classic crackers.
Rovira Biscuits Corporation uses the best ingredients to manufacture their delicate products. First of all we use unbleached, enriched, wheat flour in a fermentation process that slowly and naturally works the gluten protein naturally present in wheat flour and gives it a unique flavor and texture profile. We also use palm oil that is not hydrogenated therefore has no trans-fat. We even use the same yeast that’s used for grape fermentation in the process of making wine!

Benefits of consuming soda crackers:

• Easily digestible carbohydrates and protein.
• Aids in digestion since it contains sodium bicarbonate.
• Supports fast metabolism and gives us energy: The starchy endosperm of the grain converts into glucose to give quick energy.
• Shelf Life: it is extremely shelf stable if stored properly and does not go rancid like bread does.
• Does not require extensive preparation. It is a good food to eat on the go and it also pairs well with many toppings.
• If it is whole grain, that means wheat is left with its bran and germ, it is more nutritious and a good source of fiber.