Export Soda Crackers

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a soda cracker? They are a crispy, toasty square cracker made with simple ingredients, flour, shortening, yeast and sodium bicarbonate. It was created in Great Britain, in the 1800’s as a bread substitute for long sea voyages. It sustained the sailors’ nutrition needs during the voyage and was stored in tin cans to endure the harsh climate.

Why are they called “export” soda crackers? They came to the Islands of the Caribbean in crates labeled “export”. Merchants that came to port to buy the crackers in bulk called out for the “export crackers”. The name stuck and became so common that it was later used in some products labels.

What is the difference between soda crackers and saltines? Saltines undergo very short fermentation process. They use chemical agents to speed it up. As a result, saltines are fluffy and airy. They have sprinkled salt on top. Their best use is with soup. On the other hand, soda crackers undergo a long fermentation process and use all natural ingredients. The alkaline soda is added at the end to halt fermentation in a natural way. As a result, their texture is harder and crispier and the flavor is like leavened bread. Both have perforations over their surface but soda crackers do not have sprinkled salt on top. Also, are used as a bread substitute.

What are the main uses of a soda cracker? They are easily digestible therefore they are used at various occasions during the day and with a variety of toppings. In the morning they go great with butter or peanut butter & jelly accompanied with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of milk or juice. Some people love them with cheese. Other swears by a quick lunch of these crackers with tuna fish. Pregnant women consume them in the morning, to avoid morning sickness. Also, for an easy to digest midnight snack that’s also low in calories, try them with ham & cheese.


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