Established in Ponce, PR since 1929, we take pride in our long-standing tradition of providing customer satisfaction through the manufacture and distribution of prime crackers in different types of packages designed for lasting freshness. We focus on consumer’s needs, our client’s success and our employee’s excellent performance. Our constant growth during the past decades attests to the success of our commitment. Presently the 4th generation of the Rovira family, together with a professional staff, is taking the business to the next generation of loyal and demanding consumers with new and exciting product ideas.


Our founder, Jose Maria Rovira-Viza, an immigrant from Spain, bought a small bakery in the heart of the city of Ponce, in the southern coast of Puerto Rico.
His son, Jose Miguel, studied chemistry and turned the bakery into a small export soda cracker factory. (Curious fact: the term “export soda” was originated late 1800’s. Crackers were exported from the US to PR and all crates that arrived at port were printed with the word “Export”, hence Export Soda Crackers).
Rovira Biscuit Corporation was registered in the Department of State and a new facility was built to comply with increasing demand.
Rovira products begin being exported to United States and islands in the Caribbean.
Rovira Export Soda crackers became #1 in the Puerto Rico market thanks to a loyal consumer base that preferred our crackers because…”Rovira crackers are more flavorful and more toasty!”
Launch of the first Rovira Export Soda box packaging with individual foil packs.
New facilities were built with an investment of $25 Million; 100,000 square feet of highly advanced machinery and technology for making crackers and tin cans as well.
Rovira Biscuit Corporation products get Kosher certified.
Rovira Biscuit Corporation is the only cracker manufacturer in the Caribbean, Central and South America certified SQF Level 3 making our brand synonymous with quality.
Rovira Biscuit Corporation products get HUBZone certified.